Saanich Inlet Study, Ministry of Environment, Lands, and Parks 1996

Saanich Inlet is an important and sensitive ecosystem - physically, ecologically and culturally. The area is world renowned for its beauty. The Inlet is a fjord, with unusual features related to water circulation and the presence of a natural deep layer of low oxygen water. Saanich Inlet has a number of special and sensitive species that are supported by the unusual physical characteristics of the Inlet. In addition, Saanich Inlet is highly valued by humans and supports important cultural and recreational uses. A relatively low flushing rate and sensitive coastal ecology make it susceptible to human influence.”  BC environment 1996

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What is really going on in the Saanich Inlet?

Written by: Harald Wolf

Anybody that knows anything about LNG, or was prepared to delve into the details of the proposal, was initially inclined to dismiss the proposal as unrealistic or unfeasible; I heard many people say things like "don't worry about it - it isn't going to happen".

Saanich Inlet Oceanography and Ecology

Saanich Inlet Oceanography and Ecology

In this report I discuss the unique conditions that lead to very high rates of primary production in Saanich Inlet.  By primary production I mean the photosynthetic rate of the single-celled phytoplankton living at the surface of the ocean where both sunlight and nutrients are present.  Phytoplankton photosynthesis generates the main flow of organic matter into the marine ecosystem, providing most of the energy that fuels growth at higher trophic levels